A Weekly Rotation of Posts

So far, I've updated this blog relatively infrequently and in very large chunks: game modules, character sheets, et cetera. I've been working my way through a backlog of physical game aids that I designed and was using at my game table, but never had the time to publish. Now, with that backlog mostly released, I've started thinking about ways to keep the Story Spanner fresh with new content. That means posting more frequently and in smaller, bite sized chunks. To that end, I'm announcing two new series of posts that will be in weekly rotation, each with its own thematic focus.

Having two topics in weekly rotation means I plan to post something in either one or the other at least once per calendar week. I'll generally alternate between the two, but I won't hold myself to that if inspiration strikes twice in the same category. In the future, I might add other series to the rotation with their own mechanical and/or thematic focus.

Gear Shift

Star Wars Roleplaying from Fantasy Flight is an amazing game but, having played it for multiple years, I've come to realize how unbalanced and inconsistent much of the gear and equipment are, especially items sprinkled throughout the many sourcebooks of the game's three lines. So I'm calling the first series Gear Shift, which will feature minor homebrew fixes and adjustments for the equipment found in a galaxy far, far away. It will also showcase wholly original equipment ideas for both Star Wars Roleplaying and Genesys.

You can find the Gear Shift post here, sounding off about musical instruments...

Adversaries & Allies

One of the most useful things for any gamemaster to have at hand are large numbers of non-player characters. The second series I'm putting in weekly rotation is called Adversaries & Allies. It will feature both friendly and hostile non-player characters for your game table use.

You can find the first Adversaries & Allies post here, featuring a helpful little power droid...

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