Unofficial Star Wars RPG Cheat Sheets

These are among the last in my backlog of finished, usable game aids to post to the blog. They've been refined several times over based on player input. There are two beginner options, the half-letter page "Basics" and the full letter-page "Rookie." There is a more detailed cheat sheet, "Veteran," which could be printed back to back with "Rookie" to save space. Finally, there is a "Pilot" cheat sheet which summarizes many of the intricacies of space combat. I may eventually produce a "Leader" cheat sheet focused on commanding squads of minions, but such a reference has not yet been necessary.

Download Cheat Sheets

3 thoughts on “Unofficial Star Wars RPG Cheat Sheets

  1. Those things are just epic in Layout and covering the basics.
    The only problem with them at my table will be the language and me missing (more rejecting to pay monthly for something I use only once a month) the Acrobat license to edit and translate them. But those sheets are great.

    1. What language would you want to translate? I have a Google spreadsheet with several languages people have helped fill in for me to apply using InDesign. If you’re willing to help translate the terminology on the sheets I’m happy to do the rest of the legwork!

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