The Story Spanner is a community & fan blog about the Genesys Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games. The blog focuses on useful content and advice for gamemasters and designers, including:

  • Advice: ideas for making Genesys games run smoothly and effectively at the table.
  • Game Aids: printable game aids (e.g. character sheets, cheat sheets, index card templates) for use at your game table.
  • Modules: adventures and settings ready to play with your copy of the Genesys Core Rulebook.
  • Patterns: useful guidelines and general solutions (i.e. design patterns, if there can be such a thing for RPGs) for creating your own Genesys content in a way that will fit with the core rules and other modules.
  • Rule Kits: smaller modules designed to plug right in to the Genesys core rules and be easily adaptable to many settings by other gamemasters.

There are also modules and game aids for the mostly-compatible Star Wars Roleplaying Game, also published by Fantasy Flight Games.

S.F. Rattan

I'm a software developer, designer, and longtime gamer at both the tabletop and in cyberspace. Find me on reddit and the FFG community forums.