Vampiric Mysteries, a Genesys module for Halloween

Transform into a vicious chiropteran (bat-like) monstrosity or summon a horde of bats to harry your foes! Strike from the darkness or risk the daylight. Vampiric Mysteries is a module for parties and game groups who want to play as vampires released, appropriately, on October 31st.

Download Vampiric Mysteries

Or, check the Genesys Rule Kits page for the most recent version.

The Disciple

Vampires are treated mechanically as a career while the specifics of any or lore or setting are left up to the gamemaster as often as possible. Vampires have vampiric abilities, inspired by the heroic abilities in Realms of Terrinoth and powered by the same ability points. Vampires also have unique talents, loosely inspired by the more fleshed out careers in Star Wars Roleplaying.

In a post on the official FFG forums, I describe in more detail how I add depth to Genesys careers without constricting the open-ended, point-buy rules for character creation. This take on vampires is a result of that process. As always, I'm eager for any feedback, even if it's just pointing out typos and other errors. We've had a fun couple of games playing with some of the zanier abilities in the module.

Have fun, and happy Halloween!

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