Gamemaster’s Eclectic Toolbox

It's been too long since I've updated the Story Spanner directly, and in that time the Genesys Foundry has exploded with community content (some of it mine, all of it awesome). But I'm pleased to finally release something that has been brewing in my head for just about as long as I've been playing and running games with the narrative dice!

From the Preface

In this book you’ll find various houserules that have worked at my game table over the years playing the Genesys Roleplaying Game and its immediate predecessor from Fantasy Flight Games. These rules are battle tested in that I’ve revised them again and again until I can reach for them with confidence. As a gamemaster, I try to respond to the kind of fun my players want to have (and what’s fun can vary widely from player to player). This book is the result of that process. I’ve found the rules I include here in the Gamemaster’s Eclectic Toolbox to be reliable tools for dealing with the situations they cover. However, I don’t reach for all the houserules in my toolbox at once, and you don’t need to either. Please take what works, leave what doesn’t, and change what you prefer a different way.

The Gamemaster's Eclectic Toolbox is an organized, interlinked, and bookmarked 29 page compilation of all the most effective house rules that have developed and evolved at my game table over the years. I've crammed in just about everything I've discovered that I wished I knew starting out with Star Wars Roleplaying, and then wished was included in the Genesys. The initial version (two years ago) actually had a bunch of Star Wars content included that I had to excise before expanding it to release on the Foundry. That Star Wars content may see life as blog posts in the soon future. Stay tuned!

Toolbox Highlights

One page of rules for using maps and miniatures. Compatible with grids, hexagons, or just unmarked tabletops with models, scenery, and a ruler. Range bands are optimized for quick measurement: a short range is 6 inches, so pick up a 6 inch ruler or cut out that length of sturdy construction paper.

Maps & Minis Screenshot

Two methods for quickly creating adversaries. Use checklists to prepare adversaries between game sessions. Use clout ratings to improvise adversaries on the fly, starting with just a single number and adding only what you need.

Quick Adversaries screenshot

Comprehensive guidelines for awarding experience over the course of a campaign, whether you are giving it out each session or in large milestones. Additional advice for experience and troupe style play.

XP Awards Screenshot

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